Boot Campaign

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Our mission is to show tangible appreciation of our active military, raise awareness of the challenges they face upon return and support their transition home. Buying and wearing the official Give Back combat boots opens the door for an important conversation. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of our signature boots and merchandise go to our partner veteran’s charities. APPRECIATION More than 1.4 million Americans serve in active duty today. What if for every active duty service member there was a civilian sporting a pair of boots in their honor? That action alone sends an important message to our troops. It says “thank you” for their service to protect and maintain our freedoms, often doing so in dangerous and life-threatening situations. It provides the opportunity for a public, active display of gratitude. It unites ordinary people regardless of political or religious views. It serves as a reminder that when we put our boots on, there are people just like us who have sacrificed their lives to protect ours. AWARENESS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT Wearing combat boots does more than show gratitude to our troops. Wearing boots starts important conversations with others about supporting our military. What happens when our military returns home from active duty? Often they are faced with injury and must deal with a difficult transition into civilian life. By purchasing Give Back combat boots or merchandise from the Boot Campaign, 100% of the net proceeds are donated to charity partners. Consider buying boots like making a donation to honor our servicemen and women around the world. In return, you get a pair of boots that you can wear proudly any day of the week and for every occasion as a symbol of your donation and your appreciation!